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Pakistani Girls Secrate Pictures

Pakistani mela


Mela is a famous festival held in many cities of the world where the Pakistan diaspora resides. In every summer people come together to enjoy and celebrate the South Asian cultural heritage. Pakistan communities hold the mela in cities all over the world ranging from Toronto to Sydney. also holds various melas every summer. These melas are of g

reat importance especially for the younger generation as they make them familiar with their cultural background. Desi food, traditional dresses, jewellery and

desi music, distinguish the festival from any other party or gathering held in their home countries..

Here are some pictures of girls at a mela, where they are enjoying and also remembering their homeland, as we can see girls wearing Pakistani flag.

Happy Independence Day to Pakistan


We wish all Pakistanis the world over a happy 14th of August. Women are half the nation, and Pakistani girls around the country are bent on proving that they are second to none when it comes to working for the development and uplift of their dear country. Today, Pakistani men and women around the world stand proud in celebrating the 62nd Independence Day of Pakistan.

Imran Tarar writes in from the Western hemisphere wishi

ng everyone a Happy Yom e Azadi. Huzaifa Abrar also chimes in from Lahore, telling us how watching the sun set behind a silhouetted Minar e Pakistan made her all sentimental as tears welled up in her eyes.

Shisha the latest fashion trend in Pakistan


Hokkah or shisha smoking has become very popular in Pakistan. Many resturants and cafes are offering shisha in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and other cities of the country. This flavoured pipe smoking is gaining popularity especially among the younger generation. Students can be seen smoking shisha in the famous resturants or in the small roadside cafes.

As girls stood side by side with the boys, they also enjoy sh isha smoking in gatherings. Here we can see girls smoking shisha and having fun.

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